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BLOG: 13 January 2020
Santa chased away after delivering a rally. Political stability in early December led to a stock price rally in December, before being cut short by a renewal of the same problems.
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Our top financial tips for the New Year
Could these be your roaring twenties? It’s that time of year when the press tells us we should be making our new year’s financial resolutions. But this January we not only turn a new year, we turn a new decade. So we thought it might be appropriate to focus on longer-term goals and plans....
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Are you aware of the recession threat in 2020?
A hard Brexit appears to have been avoided, or has it? Boris Johnson has set a December 2020 deadline for the UK to start extracting itself from the European Union. But it took five years to negotiate a trade deal with one country, Japan. Will the UK bring on a no-deal hit to the economy in December 2020 with some potentially challenging consequences?
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Will your mortgage payments go up in 2020?
We don’t expect the Bank of England to raise interest rates in 2020, but there is another force that could push rates up. Watch this video to learn more.
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Why boring can be beautiful when it comes to shares....
You might be tempted to follow technology and other sexy stocks up. But investors who did that with IT stocks in the year 2000 saw values slashed when the bubble burst a few months later. Some investors did very well then because they had a different strategy.
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Inheritance tax: a complex labyrinth
Most people 'know' that any gifts made more than seven years before your death are free from inheritance tax. But the rules are more complicated than that. This can offer opportunities as well as restrictions. Read on to find our more....

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