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How far could a £250,000 pension pot go?
To begin to answer this question, you need to understand your personal financial circumstances and make a series of choices. The usefulness of £250,000 will depend on how much you will need and how long for. Professional guidance and advice are there to help you navigate these decisions.
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BLOG: The implications of the cabinet reshuffle
The UK government cabinet reshuffle was plodding along in traditional fashion with ministers being summoned and dismissed or promoted with no big surprises this morning. Then, a little before midday, Sajid Javid resigned as the Chancellor of the Exchequer....
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BLOG: How Investors Can Respond to the Coronavirus
The coronavirus has led to hundreds of deaths among the thousands of confirmed cases. It has also had a secondary effect on the global economy. In this blog post, I share what I believe investors can do in response to an event such as the coronavirus outbreak.
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Active and Passive investing
Active and passive investing are often regarded as competing styles of investing. But we regard them as complementary ways of achieving our long-term financial aims. The secret is in understanding where and when each has the potential to add value. Read more here.
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Monthly outlook end-January 2020
The Brexit fanfare has sounded, papers have been signed, but Brexit has only really just begun. It’s now incumbent on UK and European politicians to negotiate a trade deal. We have upgraded our outlook for US company share prices. Click here to read more.
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Monthly review - end January 2020
Investors reacted positively to the preliminary trade deal between US and China being signed early in the month but this was soon and emphatically eclipsed by concerns over the coronavirus.

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